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Dating online when you are single can be an effective way to meet that special someone. It can however take a lot of time. You might find yourself in a situation where you are communicating with someone via e-mail for a few weeks and everything seems to be going well. You like their sense of humor, you like their picture and you might have even spoken over the phone and you like their voice too. So you decide to finally meet up for that date. [google_ad] This is when you can find out that they may have exaggerated about their height, or their picture was taken quite a while ago. Or you may find out you are lacking that one key thing - chemistry! So you go back to the drawing board and start again while time just keeps ticking by... Of course, for some, dating online when they were single, has been effective and there are many happy endings. But what if you could cut out all of the wasted time? What if you could just meet people face to face right away to see if there was any chemistry? If you could talk to them for a few minutes and if there was a mutual connection, you could then go for a longer date? And for those with whom there was no connection, you wouldn't have to sit through a bad date for a couple of hours, but instead, it was over after three minutes and you would never have to see them again or let them know that you're not interested in going on a second date? Well, now you can! And it has worked for many singles who were formerly dating online! Join at one of our speed dating events, where you will go on 25 dates in just one night! And if there is no mutual match (2 people saying yes to each other), the next time is free! It is fun, it is fast, and most of all, it is effective!