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25dates.com Events

6.. By participating in any 25dates.com related event, you are giving permission for us to forward your email address to your mutual "matches" (any participants whom you choose and who also choose you).

7.. We will not forward your email address to any other people in attendance at the event, without your prior permission.

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9.. 25dates.com does not screen participants, and you agree to release 25dates.com from any liability and assume the risk and full responsibility regarding any person you meet at a 25dates.com event. To ensure your safety, we strongly encourage you to take the same precautions you would take in meeting any new person.

10.. 25dates.com has the right to remove someone from an event if this person acts in a way that 25dates.com deems defamatory, obscene, inflammatory, indecent, or threatening in any way.

11.. Our 'Don't get a match, come back for free' policy is reserved for regular PAID speed dating events only, and is based on the results of the match cards.

12.. 25dates.com has the right to revoke our "don't get a match, come back for free" policy at our own discretion. Possible reasons could include:
- Complaints from other participants about conduct.
- Lack of participation for the event's entirety.

13.. 25dates.com does not guarantee the results of any 25dates.com event, and does not guarantee that all participants will receive a match. All participants in 25dates.com events understand and acknowledge that 25dates.com provides an exciting and fun way of meeting new people. 25dates.com does not guarantee that any participant will successfully receive a match at our events. 25dates.com does not guarantee the success of any match between participants.

14.. 25dates.com is not responsible for your matches contacting you. We are responsible only for exchanging contact information between you and your matches.

15.. When buying a gift certificate for someone 25dates.com will send the gift certificate to the recipient on the day you noted, to the e-mail address you noted. 25dates.com will also send you a confirmation on that day. Please confirm with the recipient as 25dates.com is not responsible for the receiver not checking e-mail and confirming in time or the receiver not receiving the gift certificate due to the e-mail address that was provided being incorrect, or due to technical problems.

Match Profiles™

1.. By signing up for Match Profiles, 25dates.com agrees to allow ONLY your matches to view the information contained in your profile. You hereby understand and acknowledge that by using this web site and participating in Match Profiles, that the Match Profiles information provided by you will be available to the participants you match with.

2.. Match Profiles are only filled in by the participant themselves. Some participants may opt NOT to fill in their profile. Failure to do so is not within the control of 25dates.com.

3.. 25dates.com has the right to refuse a profile if it contains language or photos that 25dates.com deems defamatory, obscene, inflammatory, indecent, or threatening in any way.

4.. 25dates.com has the right to edit a profile for use of improper spelling or grammar.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your 25dates.com event, please send us an e-mail at . Title your e-mail "Cancellation" and in the body of the e-mail, give us your first and last name and specify what party you are cancelling. To receive a refund (minus a $5 + tax administration cost - per person), please cancel 5 business days prior before the event. There is no charge to transfer your spot from one date to another, and this can be done if you send in your request up to 5 business days before the event.

We are unfortunately not able to give you a refund if:

  • you do not cancel five business days prior to the event.
  • you do not make it out to the party.
  • you are so late that the event itself has already started.
  • The event was moved by us due to uncontrollable natural forces (such as snowstorms, earthquakes, epidemics and pandemics) in which case you will get a credit for a future event.