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Some say romance is dead, and in our hectic world, for some, this may unfortunately be true. Like anything worth its salt though, romance, after the initial "honeymoon" stage of a relationship, takes effort, thought, and consideration to keep it fresh and alive. So what is Romance exactly and why do we need it? Romance is an expression and celebration of two peoples' feelings towards one another, it's the identity of your love. Doing romantic things for your partner shows them what they mean to you. What often ends up happening, is once we're in a committed relationship, we stop putting the effort in when this is exactly the time we need to focus on it more! Romance is extremely important because reminds us how lucky we are to have found that special someone, and helps us not take them for granted.

Ways to be Romantic and keep Romance Alive:

1. Be expressive. Saying "I love you" can become a habit for most couples - something you say without thought before hanging up the phone, or before you walk out the door in the morning. This is not romantic if it's coming from habit! Make sure you're feeling what you're saying before you say it, and try throwing in a reason sometimes, like, "I love you because you make me laugh". Don't ever assume your partner knows how you feel about them - telling them will help maintain healthy communication and intimacy.

2. Be Spontaneous. Romance is based on unexpected expressions, and not for any reason other than it's what you're feeling at the time. Surprise your partner with a date night, or even something simple like a phone call during the day to ask how they're doing.

3. Change your routine up. If your partner always cooks, surprise them with you cooking a meal instead. Tell them you appreciate what they do for you, and show that appreciation by doing it for them.

4. Spend at least an hour a day with your partner. Take time out from life, go for a walk, talk about your day, reconnect. All too often we let things slide and because we're so wrapped up in our daily lives, we lose touch with one another. This doesn't make anyone happy, and will only create problems down the line.

5. Be outrageously romantic once in a while - pull out all the stops! It's a wonderful feeling to plan something amazing for your partner out of love, and the love you'll receive in return is just icing on the cake...