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How to Get that Second Date

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How to Get that Second Date

Most single women will accept an invitation to go out on date provided the guy asks accordingly, shows a genuine interest, and doesn't admit to being a recently released serial killer. Many women, even if they're on the fence about going on a date, will give the guy the benefit of the doubt. What's one lunch, dinner, or cup of coffee, right? Exactly. However, it's having the girl of your dreams accept an invitation to a second date that's the real challenge. So what can you do to ensure that a second date happens?

Captivating Conversation

How you hold a conversation on the first date is going to make or break the opportunity to get a second one. You may think you're the most interesting person in the room, but if you come across like a blowhard reciting a monologue from a school play, you can kiss that second date goodbye. In other words, you need to pause, listen, ask questions, and share the conversation. This isn't a speed dating competition, so don't try to squeeze your life story into an hour-long dinner. Her eyes are going to glaze over faster than your Margarita-glazed shrimp appetizer.

Obey the Two-Day Rule

It's called the two-day rule for a reason. At the end of the first date, if you say you're going to call, then call in two days. Whatever you do, don't go home and immediately start texting or Facebooking her; this is the modern version of what Jon Favreau's character did in the film "Swingers" (Google it). Being a digital stalker is just as bad as being a recently released serial killer; well, almost. At the same time, don't wait a month to call her and expect her to go on a second date with you, either. The two-day rule has been in place since the dawn of the time and we're talking cavemen and dinosaurs; so follow it.

Chivalry Isn't Dead

Chivalry goes a long way. It may sound cliché and outdated, but it's not. From complimenting her at dinner to picking up the tab, for goodness sake, be a gentleman. It wouldn't kill you to open the door for her, either. You weren't raised in a barn, right? Chivalry's crowning achievement is to send your date a small gift. Keep it simple and traditional. Sending flowers, chocolates, or another small gesture will surely impress her and make you stand out from the sea of men. However, a matching top and bottom from Victoria's Secret is out of the question.

Be Yourself but Play it Cool

Never let her see you sweat. No, we're not kidding. And yes, this is a riff on the 1984 Gillette slogan. If you're nervous and perspiring like Niagara Falls, mopping your brow with a dinner napkin and trying to hide the sweat crescents on your shirt, she's going to be, well, what's the word: turned off. Take five, hit the men's room, and pull yourself together.

Manners Matter

Be polite, courteous, and well-mannered to everyone involved with your date. You may have turned on the charm for your lady friend, but if you act like a schmuck to the dinner servers, doorman, taxi driver, movie theater ticket-taker, or whoever else is involved in your big night, your date is going to be less than impressed. And the only way to get that second date is to impress the girl on the first.