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Spring Fling

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Spring Fling
The cold, dark, dreary days of winter have finally ended. Those dull layers of warm clothing are shed for more body revealing, brightly coloured fashions. Each morning you are greeted by the smile of the sun, and the song of birds. The earth's canvas is invigorated with the blooming of flowers and the vibrant green of lush lawns. Spring, as they say, has sprung. And with it, so has our desire for companionship. We have spent the winter hibernating, hiding away, feeling less outgoing. We have been without ample amounts of sun and it has contributed to our wanting to be more withdrawn. As the weather grows warmer and the sun shines more brightly in our eyes, our moods improve. We feel the desire to be more active and social. And, according to a poll by Wet, in warmer weather people start to feel less inhibited. They are more open to flirting with strangers, more interested in sex, and more than one third of the respondents replied that they were more likely to have a one night stand. When the weather is warmer, clothing becomes more colourful and revealing. Women become more concerned with their appearance and how hot they'll look in their swim wear. And men, more visually stimulated beings, begin to pay more attention to women, liking what they see. With all this desire for companionship and sex suddenly bubbling to the surface though, one has to be wary of any attention they receive during the spring. Is the attention real or artificial? And what are you looking for? A little fun, or something long-term? If it's just a little fun you're looking for then maybe it's time for a spring fling. Urban Dictionary defines "spring fling" as: A casual relationship between two persons who are usually attracted to one another. This can involve puppy love, sex, or perhaps just "hooking up". Anytime you enter into a relationship of any kind during the spring you need to be sure you communicate your intentions clearly with the other person. Make sure you're both on the same playing field. You'll know it's a spring fling if: 1. You haven't let your guard down and don't feel comfortable confiding in this person. 2. You haven't met friends or family and don't want to introduce him or her to your own friends and family. 3. You don't hold hands in public. 4. You're quite content with the small amount of time you spend together and aren't interested in spending any more time together. 5. You don't know a lot about him or her. 6. You don't know very much about what she or he does at work. If you find that you're experiencing the opposite of the above list, and you find yourself feeling that this fling could blossom into something more be vulnerable enough to communicate your feelings. Who knows, you could both have developed stronger feelings along the way. Written by Robin McGrath