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What do men want from women?

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If you've ever been in a relationship with someone of the opposite sex, you already know that men and women differ on various situational levels; communication, intimacy, trust, etc. It can be difficult to navigate through these differences, even though we all seem to ultimately want the same thing - to share a life with someone, to love and be loved, and to be respected and valued. So how can we get to this common goal without frustration and confusion? It starts by recognizing and acknowledging our differences, communicating them, and respecting them.

What do men want from women?

1. Men want to be trusted. Some experts say because men have more physical strength than women (more testosterone), that women find it harder to trust; they're coming from a point of physical vulnerability. Translation: We trust much easier when we are in a position of strength. Trusting from a point of vulnerability causes women to base their trust instead on lining up men's actions with their words. Translation: A woman requires a man to be consistent in his word, and with that consistency over time, her trust in him will develop.

2. Men want women's support in their work and for women to boost their confidence. Putting a man down (or anyone for that matter) will get you nowhere. When it comes to work and career, something that is very closely linked to a man's ego, women must support and cheerlead. When you do this, it means you are on his team.

3. Men want women to look their best. This ties into securing his place in society, as a man sees his woman as a reflection of that status. Of course, this can be overdone by men when it becomes the only thing they look for, but if you are in a relationship it's always a nice thing to look good for your mate, it shows them you care.

4. Men want consistent and passionate sex from their mates. Making love helps a man feel connected and that his woman loves him; women often only need to cuddle to feel this bond. If a woman uses sex as a manipulation tool, and withholds it to get what she wants, her man will not respond well and will become resentful.

5. Men need private time and also need to spend time with the boys. This does not mean they don't love their women, it often just means a man needs some time to unwind after his day. Women often like to share their day immediately, whereas men just need to relax and think about something else without analyzing it. Guys also need to spend time with just other men (women need time with the girls too), and men need women to not take this personally.

6. Men want to be listened to and respected. Everyone needs this, but men and women can listen differently. Women will often interject with, "yes" or "uh huh", but men tend to listen to everything said first before offering an opinion. It's important to adapt to the way each sex listens accordingly. Men do not want you to finish their sentences or interject prematurely even if you can anticipate what they're going to say.


say what you mean and mean what you say

I'm curious as to what confidence in a man looks like to a woman. After asking many of my woman friends they invariably cite as examples men I know to be very insecure and put on an act to cover it up. I've always come from the angle of being genuine. To put on an act would seem counter intuitive if I really want someone to trust me and accept me for who I am.

To me, confidence looks like you, Ian. Please don't second guess yourself. A lucky woman will come along and recognize this about you-probably because she lives this herself. The greatest gift we can hope to receive is someone's true self...and conversely the most generous (and scariest) gift to give another is our true self. This may be daunting to some but I don't think you can have true intimacy and love without it!

I believe it is all wrong what is written above. The only thing what men want from women is sex and relationship. Men are the kind whom are not satisified with one women. Men need to be loved all the time for better concentration in all matters of life.

I think the last comment is false, there are men who will be committed to one lady if he feels the emotional attraction to her as well, and many men out there also want emotional fulfillment in addition to sex. Not every man is the same, and you can not pigeon hole them into one category based on just "sex" and relationship" as the criteria. I think its a very old world view to say this.

I completely disagree with W. Not all men are looking for an exclusively physical connection, nor do all women have an aversion to a primarily sexual relationship. Gender aside we are all individuals with unique desires. Like "Me" I agree that you can't have a real connection without genuinely revealling who you are. When you're honest with yourself and a prospective partner only than can you determine the potential of a connection - whether you're looking for a good time or someone timeless.

So exactly how important is physical prowess to a man? I keep hearing conflicting arguments on this one. Most women have body image issues, especially with every image out there telling her she's invisible unless she's a size 2. What's the real deal?

What do men mean when they say that it is all about chemistry? They always say they are looking for chemistry. I know that it is more than being extremely physically attracted to a women. So I would like to hear from the men, as to what it means and what it entales.

Jane - Chemistry means enjoying the personality and physical attraction of a woman in a relationship. A man enjoys the particular woman for who she is. This happens naturally. A man also notices the actions and words of a women. Virtuous actions are attractive. I think chemistry is a combination of enjoying the other persons personality, physical attraction, and virtuous actions along with their charitable and wise words. Anonymous

What I want from a woman is a woman who has her own things to do, but some of those things involve me in the long run. for example. Learning about new recipes to cook, having a physical activity you enjoy. An in shape body is a desired body, if we live together little hobbies that keep the house new and exciting, painting, cross stitch etc. little inquiries about whats on our minds, encouraging words. A woman that is strong and confident and stands her ground, but enjoys being the woman to her Man. Not one of these the woman must rise above the Man types. A curious mind on understanding how to do manly things, is very cute and sexy. I'd love a woman to want to help me work on my car. getting a little grease on that cute face is hot!!!

if i like a man on a first date and he has said all the right things. and i fancy him. is it in my best interest to go all the way.